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Kerrin Osmond

Get to know us!

There are not many people who have been on the Modern Jive scene as long as Kerrin, as he's been running jive classes & events for over 30 years.

As well as running Jive Champs, Kerrin runs Ginger Jive, along with Luci, running modern jive classes, freestyles, workshops and major themed & charity events.

Kerrin is widely regarded as the best 'Double Trouble' dancer on the MJ scene, winning 4 UK Championships and can regularly be seen dancing with 2 or even 3 ladies at once!


Get to know us!

Luci has been teaching Modern Jive for nearly 30 years and as well as running Ginger Jive, her & Kerrin also somehow find the time to teach FitSteps - Ballroom & Latin fitness classes too!

On Jive Champs competition day, you will find Luci, aka 'The Oracle!' on the front desk in Reception from 9am to Midnight and she will be there to answer any questions you may have on the day.

She loves chatting to dancers who pass by during the day, so please do swing by for a chat or a cheeky hello as you dash past ready for your next heat!

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