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International Open Modern Jive Championships

Discover the
In You


**NEW VENUE FOR 2024**
Jive Champs

Saturday 13th July 2024
Worthing Assembly Hall
Stoke Abbott Rd, Worthing, BN11 1HQ

Doors open 9am for registration
Competitions from 10am til 7pm
Two Room Freestyle Party from
8pm til midnight

Numerous categories to choose from at different levels.

Competitions include categories suitable for those dancers with or without a regular dance partner.

About the Championships

The International Open Modern Jive Championship is an open modern jive dance competition for everyone on the modern jive scene. It features multiple categories catering to dancers of all levels, ensuring that everyone, from beginners to advanced dancers, has the opportunity to participate and showcase their dancing skills. This inclusive approach encourages dancers of varying abilities to engage in the event, which has contributed to its success and popularity over the years.

The competition is judged by well-respected individuals within the dance community, known for their expertise and fairness in evaluating performances. Additionally, the event is hosted by Kerrin & Luci who have received recognition and awards for their contributions to the dance world, adding to the prestige and credibility of the competition. 

Following the competition, there is an opportunity for everyone to unwind and enjoy themselves during a 2 room Freestyle. This post-competition dance provides a space for everyone to socialise, dance, and have fun, creating a lively atmosphere that continues well into the night, with festivities concluding around midnight. This aspect of the event adds to the overall experience, allowing individuals to further connect with others in the dance community and celebrate their shared passion for Modern Jive.

Whether you compete, freestyle, spectate or are just there to soak up the atmosphere and cheer on your friends, you’re guaranteed to have a fantastic time!

Changes to JiveChamps 2024

Dance layout Balcony.jpg

Worthing Assembly Hall

Due to major works being carried out this summer at Dorking Halls, we're excited to be able to bring you JiveChamps 2024 at the excellent suroundings of The Worthing Assembly Hall which is approx 30 miles due south from Dorking.


For this year's competition we will also be trialing a brand new category for us called "Mind The Gap".  This is where the competing couples must have a minimum age gap of 20 years.


We are delighted to welcome some of the most respected Teachers/Organisers on the modern jive scene to our fabulous judging panel.

Our 2024 esteemed Judging Panel are:

Keith Davis

Jax Robins
Colin Shaul

Nigel Anderson & Nina Daines

"Phendy" aka Phil & Wendy Greenhall
Kane Jenner

...and of course the day would't be complete without our MC - The lovely (but gobby) Hev Mate!!

About your hosts - Kerrin & Luci


Evening Freestyle &
Prize Giving

Our Finals are all completed by 7pm, giving you a break of one hour, to grab some food and get ready for the evening 2 room freestyle.

The evening freestyle is open to everyone - so if you can't make it to the competition during the day, why not join us and the BEST dancers in the country to party the night away!

The evening party runs from 8pm to midnight in the main hall and 8pm to 11.30pm in the 2nd room.  There will also be a break in the main hall only at 8.30pm for the Results & Prize Giving.  

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